Little Yash and the Changing Pots

Picture of Little Yash and the Changing Pots
Author: Swamini Supriyananda

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ISBN: 9788175978027

Little Yash and the Talking Pots Series - Book #2

This book has been inspired by a class Swami Chinmayananda took for children. He likened pots to our minds and the content of our pot to our thoughts. Expanding on this example Little Yash and the Changing Pots highlights the power of thought and guides children on how to recognize different types of thoughts and the effect it has on us. This empowers them to choose wisely and enables them to get the best out of life. Swami Chinmayananda's original class is available on the Chinmayakids YouTube channel named "Why do we Pray?"

For Children 4 years and older

Audio Book available with the QR code provided on the back cover of the book