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The Sanskrit word Mananam means reflection. The Mananam Series of books is dedicated to promoting the ageless wisdom of Vedanta, with an emphasis on the unity of all religions. Spiritual teachers from different traditions give us fresh, insightful answers to age-old questions so that we may apply them in a practical way to the dilemmas we all face in life. It is published by Chinmaya Mission West, which was founded by Swami Chinmayananda in 1975. It started as a newsletter of Chinmaya Mission West and has emerged as a book series. Mananam has gained a definite shape now in communicating spiritual dimension of various subjects that touch human life. Articles of many renowned spiritual masters of different traditions have enriched it and made it popular among spiritual seekers. The editor Margaret Leuverink and the team deserve great compliments to continuously publish more than 75 titles during the last 43 years. Now Mananam publishes two issues per year in January and July.

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The Mananam series - Mananam is a Sanskrit word for "Reflection upon the Truth". Mananam is also the name of Chinmaya Mission West publication dedicated to the exposition of Vedanta thought.