Bala Ramayanam

Picture of Bala Ramayanam
By Swami Chinmayananda and Bharathi.

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ISBN: 81-7597-102-9

By Swami Chinmayananda and Bharathi. Rama the ideal perfect one, plays his life on a stage as foul as the world that is the common lot of all of us. Crisscrossing through its drama are the tensions of passions, emotions, jealousies, pride, lust, greed, the madness of power, the hunger for wealth, the thirst for pleasure and the delusions of attachments. In and through them all Sri Rama stands, bearing His righteous bow, ever in the defense of honor and truth, justice and peace. In His divine glories, Sri Ramachandra stands out distinctly, a collage of all that is beautiful, a mighty titan of strength, the pinnacle of dignity and poise. Pages 152.