Final Score: Love All !

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THIS BOOK IS AVAILABLE IN MARCH!. Chinmaya Birth centenary celebrations Mananam series : Final Score: Love All! Teachings by Swami Chinmayananda

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ISBN: 9781608270187

The Final Book of Mananam Series Surrounded by devotees while watching tennis matches on TV, it was noticed that while commenting on the matches, Gurudev was also teaching Vedanta. Discover the essence of Vedanta through Swami Chinmayananda's words....

Play the game of Life, play whatever part you have been called upon play. Be never forget your greater mission in life and the ultimate goal you want to achieve. Life becomes a sport once you have learned the art of adding silver edges, around the clouds that float in and out of your life's path.

Sorrow turns into smiles, pain in pleasure and discord into melody - when the mind is silent in unshaken faith in him, who always protects, who alone really is in everything, everywhere, ever.