How to Win

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Talk by Swami Chinmayananda

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How to Win by Swami Chinmayananda reveals the secret strategies & subtle practices required to mould individuals into towering men of action, achievers in any field of work. Swamiji effortlessly takes the listeners with him, overcoming the regrets of the past, the excitement in the present & all the anxieties of the future to revel in this Moment & master the mind. Making individuals competent to face any challenges, by redirecting & channelizing impulsive reactions into creative channels, inspiring & transforming them into Winners for life.\r\n\r\nSwami Chinmayananda, an atheist, a journalist with background in Law & literature's in his youth, he turned to spirituality and transformed into one of the Greatest Vedantins.\r\n\r\nListen to his strategies on HOW TO WIN...