Picture of Ishwara-Darshan
Ishwara-Darshan By Swami Tappovana Maharaja The secret relationship between Vedanta and Sannyasa revealed.

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ISBN: 9788175976870

In the company of a a Mahatma,

We Watch the seeker Grow

The Autobiography of a saint is an experience in Truth. In, it, we are introduced to variety of experiences that constitute the life of a seeker.

Ishvara Darshana narrates the journey of Subramaniam, a young seeker from Kerala who grew into the venerated rishi Swami Tapovan Maharaj.Deftly weaved into the narrative on the natural beauty of the Himalayas, a place that he seldom left, and his reminiscences of the spiritual leaders he met. 

Narrated in third person, Ishvara Darshan is a book where its author unfolds his own evolution as neutral observer, uninvolved in the proceedings that make up his life. Translated from the original Sanskrit, it is both a learning and a pilgrimage every seeker must take.