Picture of Mukundamala
by Swami Ishwarananda

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ISBN: 9788175975699

Commentary by Swami Ishwarananda\r\nWhat do you call a devotee who is also a king -- an emperor among saints or a saint among emperors? Kulaśekhara Ālvār, was a regal devotee who lorded over the Lord of His heart, Mukunda! He would cry, smile, weep, laugh, plead, throw a challenge to the lord and make Kṛṣṇa give into His sweet adoration.\r\n\r\nSwami Ishwarananda in his erudite exposition on Mukundamālā, a composition of this saint says that love by itself is healing, but divine love is several notches higher and a Divine Lover is an alchemist who transforms an ordinary life into an inner pilgrimage, leading to an ecstatic union with the Lord.\r\n\r\nHis exhaustive commentary is replete with easy examples and parallels from the Upaniṣads and the Bhagavad-gītā. This will be an illuminating affirmation for any devotee and an eye-opener to any atheist who is very sure of himself.\r\n\r\nThrough this text, you will discover the deeper dimensions of your emotional and spiritual personalities.