Ramcharait Manas Hindi Discourses (Pen Drive)

Picture of Ramcharait Manas Hindi Discourses (Pen Drive)
8 GB Music Card with 284 Mp3 tracks DURATION APPROX: 67 hours INCLUSIVE OF ALL KANDS HINDI CHANTING & COMMENTARY (Audio) Goswamy Tulsidas's nectar-filled Ramcharitramanas covers Dharma, Knowledge and Devotion insights which has awakened the hearts and minds of many. It is only through the grace and blessings of a Guru that the core meaning of the Ramayana is unveiled and its relevance to our spiritual life revealed. Seekers of both the devotional and the intellectual disposition will find a myriad of jewels in the tapestry of this profoundly moving and philosophical story. Swami Tejomayananda has gone indepth through the Tulasi Ramayana - kand by kand - expousing on the underlying essence and Vedantic significance. This pen drive not only contains Swamiji's commentary in Hindi but also has the chantings of all the dohas and caupayis of the Tulasi Ramayana sung by Swami Tejomayananda.

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